Review: Essence I love Extreme mascara

Today I’m bringing you another review for an Essence mascara! 


This time I’m reviewing the I love Extreme mascara. It comes in a pink container with black letters and again I chose the black one. They also have a waterproof version.


The brush is long and has short bristles. It’s made out of plastic and promises “crazy volume”. The formula is on the wet side and also doesn’t build up well – I’m starting to think this is a common issue with Essence mascaras.


Above is again my eye without any mascara. Below with the I love Extreme mascara.

I find the result is quite clumpy, especially if you try to build it up. It is also very wet and very black.


Personally I didn’t really like this mascara. I found it to be too wet and it didn’t do much for my lashes other than give them color. I wouldn’t get it again, unless there was no other mascara to choose from and I really really needed some.

Have you tried this mascara? What are your thoughts? What is your favorite all-time mascara?


Inspirational Monday #22


You know how sometimes we’re sick of the way things are going and wish they’d be different? When we see people around us in relationships and want the same thing (probably because we think they’re the happiest people alive and don’t know they fight daily over dirty socks and cleaning the dishes) or when we see everyone else getting the job of their dreams?

Stop. Right now!

The more you think about it, the more impatient you are, the less things will happen. Stop obsessing over it and start living your life! The more you think of those things, the more you lose of the good daily things that happen in your life and you’ll let chances pass because you’re so focused on those things, that you’ll be blind for all the good things.

Patience is a virtue, start using it!


The day we went to the Streetfood Market!

This post is way too overdue and for that I apologize! 

On the 20th of June we went to the Streetfood Market in Linz, where you have a lot of “trailers” to try out various foods (many of them from Restaurants in Linz). They had the motto “eat good, feel good” and today I’m showing you our impressions!

I found the entry price of 3€ quite ok, but in my opinion all of the food options inside the Market were somewhat overpriced (especially considering we’d already paid to get in!)


Above you can see an African-Indian dish, supposedly with some beef in it (I didn’t even taste it, apparently there was only one piece, according to Markus who said he ate it). It had some coconut in it, which made the dish somewhat sweet (a bit too sweet for my own taste) and it was full of veggies, which I liked. The dish cost 6€.


This was a Vietnamese veggie roll. It looked really good, but unfortunately it was way too hot for me (due to the chili!). Markus seemed to like it, he’s crazy for chili! This cost about 3 or 4€ if I’m not mistaken.


Guys, the dish above was the BEST one we tasted over there! We had to wait a bit for it to be ready, but it was worth the wait (and the price!). It’s a piece of bread with some cider-balsamic infused onions, that were slowly fried in the pan on low heat for 24 hours until they got all mushy and almost caramelized! The meat is smoked in cider for over a week and was seriously the softest meat I’ve ever tried!! Topped with mustard seeds and green herbs – it was amazing! I have to confess we were a bit skeptical about it before trying, but after the first bite we loved it!

It cost 6€ for one slice and it’s one of those cases where I can say that the quality makes up for the price! 


I was craving something sweet, so I got a cup of fresh fruit with melted chocolate (I got milk and white chocolate). It was good, but not over the top. It cost 3,50€ which I found fair for the place where we were.

All in all I liked the experience, but it wouldn’t be something I’d do every week. The portions were small, which I find ok for the type of event, but I found the prices outrageous! We saw a simple, normal hot dog for 7€, which I think is just a waste of money, especially when you can get the same one or even better for 4€ in any kiosk in town!

Did you go to the event? Or will you go if it goes to your hometown?

Let me know what you think!


Daily couple encounters #1

The other day he was trying to take the cover off of the fan to clean it, unsuccessfully:

Him: Honey?

Me: yeah? 

Him: Remember the other day when you tripped over the fan and it fell and the cover opened?

Me (thinking he’s gonna complain about it): yeeees?

Him: Can you do it again? I can’t open it.

Me: -.-‘ (and proceeded to take off the cover of the fan!)