Thursday, 17 April 2014

My current fashion basics

Yesterday I realized I hadn't done a fashion post in a while. Actually, in too long! So long, that I had forgotten my password for Polyvore, which is always fun.

After careful thought (which lasted about 2 seconds) I decided it would be fun to show you guys my current fashion basics. I am fortunate enough to work in a place where I can wear pretty much whatever I want. But that doesn't mean my style didn't change in the last few months. Even though I kinda think it's almost undetectable, but hey, that's just me!

So here we go on to my current fashion basics:
My basics
Jeans. I love jeans, I think they're the most versatile piece someone can own. I love mine on the skinnier side (oh how times change..I used to only wear really large jeans all through my teen years!) and I believe anyone can wear skinny jeans, no matter they're shape! It's all about balancing your proportions!

My second basic has to be a pencil skirt. I got one from H&M when I first got to Vienna and I love it! It's in a kind of jersey material and was pretty affordable at 10€! I'm actually wearing it today and couldn't be more comfortable.

Blouses are my new found love!! I started wearing them about 10months ago and never looked back. They're easy to wear and make me feel instantly more put together than just a simple t-shirt would.

Cardigans and scarves are my old time favorites!! I think you can never own too many cardigans and a scarf can bring a boring outfit back to life. Even if I just wear them to keep me warm and cozy..

Ballerina flats are not only very feminine, but I also think they look good with basically anything! I prefer the simple old school ones with the bow, like the ones pictures above, but I'm actually thinking of trying some pointy ones, just for the heck of it!

A nice bag is a must in any woman's wardrobe, in any style. There are so many styles out there, you'll surely find one you love..just make sure you look a lot and don't commit to a nice (and pricier) bag unless you love it. 

And my last, but definitely not least, basics are some sentimental rings I brought from home. I have a couple I rotate, but they're pretty much the one's I love, because they were given to me by important people in my life!

What are your fashion basics?


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Rosie Cooks: grainy balls!

No, not that kind of balls!!! You all have such dirty minds!!! (or is it just me?)

Last time I lived in Vienna, I was living with my aunt and cousins. And my aunt had kind of a sweet tooth (like my Dad, only he denies it until no more!) and she made a lot of sweet dishes. Even though it is somewhat common to eat sweet things as a main dish, it always felt a bit weird to me, at least when it comes to lunch and dinner. But sometimes one is feeling like having something sweet for dinner, after a long hard day of work. Or in my case, after a week sick in bed.

One of the things my Dad also makes at home are "Knödels". It's basically potato or bread (sometimes both) balls. You can fill them with stuff or you can leave them plain. When I was a kid my Opa brought some for us and I hated them because they weren't home made (even though I didn't know that was the reason I didn't like them at the time) so I never wanted to eat them again. But eventually I caved in a tried a tiny tiny little bit from my Dad's plate once, from his own home made Knödel. And I loved it!!! Maybe it was because it was half potato and half bread, no idea, but I liked them. And I must say, I will not eat any that aren't cooked by him!

Except of course if they have yummy strawberries inside! It's a variation of the normal potato Knödl, filled with whatever you like/want to buy. You cook them and then you get the bread crumbles and toast them in a pan (without any grease!) and after they're toasty brown you throw the Strawberry filled Knödels inside! Since there was an open package at our place with two of them left, I decided to cook them for myself as a treat in the early evening! And what better to drink than a yummy Chai Latte?

It was delicious! Check it out yourselves:

What do you guys think?


Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Rosie Reviews: Harmony

When thinking of what to write today I realized I haven't done a review in some a review it is!

I'm pretty pale and I blush very easily, so blush isn't really something I wear, like...ever! But bronzer, that's another story! And you won't believe for how long I was on the hunt for the perfect bronzer...and I could never find just that right one! Not too shiny..not too sparkly..not too orange and not too dark..hard stuff to find right there..

So it's no surprise I was almost giving up..until last year I went to my favorite MAC store in Portugal..not because of the store itself, but because of the lovely sales girl that works there!

Luckily she was working that day and I asked her for help in finding a bronzer...I explained I wanted it to contour my face and she asked me "Have you ever tried using a blush to do that?" I thought she had gone me blushes always ring pink and red and coral in my head...that's when she came up with this:

 It's called Harmony and it's a MAC blush. A blush. For contouring. I thought she had gone insane.

I must admit I was a bit skeptical, but I tried it on nonetheless...and I liked the result!!! It's kind on the rusty side, but I guess that's why it works on my skin tone, probably also because I have a natural reddish shade in my hair...  

Below you can see how it looks on my skin, on the left after about six swirls of my finger on the blush and on the right after about two. Obviously I don't make it this dark when contouring, this was just so you guys could see the pigmentation!

I love how this product can go more or less pigmented and suits a good range of skin colors! I have extremely pale skin, be it summer or winter, and I love how I can use this shade without looking muddy (except if I use it too much, of course!). Plus, I can use this not only as contour shade on myself but also as a blush on others! And it always looks good, no matter what hair color I have, which is definitely a plus!

Have you guys ever tried using a blush as a contour powder?


Monday, 14 April 2014

Rosie Talks: Life lately

So, after a couple of hectic weeks, we finally moved.

I gotta tell you guys, finding an apartment on such a little time is hard work! There was a moment when I thought everything was going down the drain. I wasn't sleeping right, I wasn't eating right and I cried more than I'd like to admit. Also, I called my ex-boyfriend a million times crying (ok, 2 times..), so I guess it's official, I'm a loser. But then again, the guy is my best friend and the only one who can actually make me laugh when I'm on one of those can't-stop-crying kinda moments. No? Ok, guess I'm still a loser...but gimme a break will ya??

So, after all this stress, we finally moved last Friday. My cousin Gitti and her husband Wolfgang helped with the move. And by helped I mean that they came with the car and in 10 min everything I own was in it. Wolfgang even took my bed apart and built it all back together at the apartment. Seriously, those guys are amazing! I didn't have much contact with my cousin growing up and now it's so strange how much in common we two have! And how much she reminds me of her mum, my Tante Renate. It's amazing how sometimes family is alike, isn't it?'s really refreshing to finally have my own four walls! Cookie has been feeling a lot better as well and you can even watch a small video that I made of her playing on my Instagram (and while you're at it, why don't you follow me?). She really does feel happier without the other cats around. And now no one eats her food. The first day we were here, whenever she heard a noise, she would run under the bed. It was endearing actually..and she's also started "talking" again. She used to chirp a lot before we moved..and then she stopped, but now she's doing it again and she's also been sitting closer to me again, taking naps next to me. I'm so in love with my cat!

Anyways, this is all I have to update you on today! I just wanted to tell you guys I'm still alive and we're doing great. And thank you to everyone who's been here for me while I was having my meltdowns and crying crisis. I truly have the best Parents and best Friends ever!

I hope you all have a good week!

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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Yummyness could I not love my work when my lovely co-workers bring yummy treats like these?? 

Do your colleagues bring yummy treats like these? Don't think so!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Instagram: The Cookie Edition

I've been taking so many pictures of Cookie, I decided I had to share some of them here! She's generally a little tiger who doesn't like to be pet or held, but sometimes she does make an exception. Usually when we go to bed (she likes to sleep by my legs) or when she decides I'm a good couch. Here ya go:

On a Saturday morning..She's so cute I had to take this picture. She bit me right after it...sigh..

Here she had been trying to get my attention for a while and I had been trying to ignore her...

I had gotten a magazine and just when I wanted to read it, she decided to come sit on me. When I asked her if I wasn't allowed to read, she responded with this I said, tiger!

In the evening, after a long day of work, she decided to come lay on me..

And sometimes I force her to be on my arm...doesn't last long, but hey, I keep trying!

I had just changed my bed...put the cover-up nice and clean..looked away for two second and when I looked back she had managed to take it off and throw one of my pillows down..and look delightfully innocent through it all!

Sometimes Cookie tries to be sexy...I think she's almost got it, don't you? =P

But the best moments are when she actually smiles..and then I know she loved least I think she does (until she decides to bite me again).

As you all can see, she's doing great!


Rosie Talks: Forever

I saw this quote from Emily Dickinson the other day and I just thought it was really deep and inspirational and I just had to use it here! So I picked out one of my favorite pictures (from the Hike me and Dave made last Summer) and used it as a canvas..I hope you like it!

You know how sometimes you think some things are forever? Be it a friendship, your favorite book or movie, your parents, your new those times in life you think those things are gonna be forever! Heck, I've had a couple of friendships I thought were going to last forever and now we don't even speak to each other anymore! 

I thought I would always like close to my my friends..I thought I would always have my Tante R. around..or my Opa (ok, I was nine when he died, but you get the idea!)..or that I was always going to have the same type of relationship I had with some friends...but things change!

And realizing that made me appreciate those little moment I have with them even more..take me and my best friend H. for example...there was a time we were completely inseparable! We were always together..we had almost all of our classes together and we just spent the rest of the time together...more than one person thought we were actually a couple (which we thought was weird and funny at the same time) and whenever someone would look for one of us, they would always ask the other..but on our last year at uni we didn't have the same classes anymore..the whole year we only had two classes together and it was in the last was hard keeping in touch, especially when he was dating a really jealous and intolerant girl who didn't like our friendship. But we made it! He showed up on my birthday with an amazing birthday gift that he knew I would love and he went to my going away dinner. And even know, 6000 miles away, if I need something, he's always there.

I do believe forever is composed of nows. It's the moments that count! Those are the memories we cherish forever!

 The first time I went to the fair with Dave (thinking it was just a normal gathering with a friend, because he didn't tell me it was a date); the vacation I took with my friend Joana to Algarve; the endless laughs me and the girls had at the Uni cafeteria; the first time Alex yelled at me and I wanted to cry because I thought he hated me (only to become one of my best friends and someone I never want to lose from my life, just a few months later!); the day me and Teresa were waiting endlessly for Hugo to visit us from his Erasmus in Barcelona; the times our very own Princess Angel Diamond got under the table when she saw the guy she found cute just because she thought she looked ugly that day (You'll NEVER look ugly!! You're a strong independent black woman who don't need no ugliness!); the shopping dates me and Dani had, the endless talks we have, the e-mails we send each other (ok, she's my best friend, there's a lot of moments with her!!!); the day me and Cátia went with Emídio to Starbucks and then took a picture and it looks like she's putting her straw in my nose, our dirty jokes in class...or anywhere for that matter; all the times Clara was there hugging me while I hysterically cried because I couldn't take it anymore; the grumpy mornings me and Hugo had before getting our coffee or all the times we just had to share a look to know what the other one was thinking or the time we thought we had broken Dave's coffee machine when Murphy was over; going to the Portuguese Golden Globes last year; my Graduation where all my friends and parents were there...those are the moments, and many many more, I will cherish forever!! Those are the "nows" that will always be in my mind and in my heart!

The laughs, the cries, the hugs, the fights, the making-ups, the advice sessions, the late night calls, the early morning calls, the anytime-of-the-day calls, the e-mails, the parties, the dirty jokes in unappropriated moments, the dirty jokes in appropriate moments or the just-because-I-felt-like-it dirty jokes, all of those are forever and will stay forever in my heart. Doesn't matter where I am or if I still talk to some of these people. They're my forever.

So, if something ends..don't be sad..because you'll always have the memories..those "Nows" you shared...make your own Forever! Because in the end of the day..the only thing, the only person you know you'll stay with forever is yourself..

Have a great Sunday!


Saturday, 5 April 2014

Instagram Collection: Food Porn Edition

I haven't posted much here since I was sick a few weeks back, so I decided it would be a good idea to make a kind of round-up of my Instagram Pictures lately! But since they're so many pictures I've just decided to divide it in a couple of posts..

And just for the record, I did NOT invent the term "Food Porn"! Just to clear things up and so my parents (who also read this blog and can click the link above to see the meaning of the term) know I don't have such a dirty mind!

This is a round-up of all my food pictures from Instagram, especially so my Mom can see I actually eat pretty well! Because apparently she seems to be under the impression I'm starving over here.. Well if this isn't proof I'm not, I don't know what is!

Cappuccino tastes better in a cute mug!

Lunch at work! I tend to bring my own lunch everyday because we have a kitchen and can heat it up!

Soup when I was sick with the tonsils infection! I could choose between normal soup or lettered pasta soup..and since I'm a child I chose the latter.

Snacking on some raspberries! They're yummy and were on a sale, what more to ask?

Who said you can't have fruit for dinner?

Snacking on some cucumber (this was tonight!)..have I mentioned I love cucumber???

Another day, another salad!

I've lately been obsessed with tomato soup! Yummy! 

Yesterday while working on some future blog posts, with some yummy coffee and a veggie bagel, on my favorite coffee place!

Hope you liked the post!


Friday, 4 April 2014

Rosie Cooks: Fishy fish!

 So, for the past two weeks I haven't really taken care of my eating habits all that well...having to get something at the supermarket everyday for lunch took a toll on me and by the end of last week I was feeling a bit down and tired. I realized I hadn't been taking care of myself like I should and when I got home I cooked something yummy and healthy!

I decided to try and cook the fish I showed you in this post last month, but this time it did not end up scorched!!! I added some veggies and some rice and voilá!

I had a fruit tea with it, because I just love it and I felt like having some =P Even though it is weird for some people to drink tea with their food, I love it! 

Do you like fish? I actually loved this one!! It was really really yummy!

Have a great week!


Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thank you!

I haven't been writing much because, to be honest, I'm kind of totally overwhelmed with work, having been sick, missing my parents and my friends and generally just trying to keep my head above water..

It hasn't been easy..and I don't like to write about bad things here on the blog, not because I want to pretend my life is perfect, but because I want this to be a positive space, where everyone can come and feel good!

But the truth is, sometimes life's fucked up! Sometimes you find yourself feeling alone, totally scared of what's ahead and sometimes you end up crying hysterically after a phone call with your parents or best friend, because you just don't know what to do next and feel like you're falling without a parachute.

But then I saw this picture:

And I had to smile! Because it is true! My life isn't perfect...heck my life is far from perfect right now! But I'm so thankful for everything I have!

I'm thankful to my parents who have always been there for me, even when I didn't deserve it (especially when I didn't deserve it!), who are always a phone call away and always have a good advice to give me!

I'm thankful for my friends for always making me laugh, for making me feel loved, even miles and miles away!

I'm thankful for my job, because it's honestly amazing and even when I have a stressful day, I just think that there are people who don't have a job they love or even one at all!

I'm thankful for Facebook and Skype because they're a way for me to talk to my friends and family!

And I'm thankful to all you readers, for supporting me, for giving me strength, those who e-mail me when I don't post for a while..all the cyber-friends I made through blogging...

All that makes me thankful!! And I never want to lose this feeling, because it makes me see that it could be much much worse!

Thank you all for being amazing!!!


Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Rosie Cooks: Potato Gulasch!

I think pretty much everyone has heard of Gulasch at least once in their life. Originally a Hungarian dish, it's also very traditional in Austria. It's not really my favorite (I don't really appreciate red meat all that much), but when I was living with my aunt four years ago, I found out there's also a potato version of it!!! 

Being mostly without meat (you can put some for flavour if you wish) it quickly became one of my favorite dishes here!! And that's what I had this weekend!

Austrians love their potatoes and I guess I'm kinda like that sometimes as well..I can go ages without eating any and then have a week where I eat a whole lot of them! 

What do you think? Would you try this dish out?


Monday, 31 March 2014

Rosie gets a haircut

So, I did it again to my hair…no, I didn’t dye it again!! I got a haircut!!!
I was just..well..over it. My haircut was just annoying the heck out of me! It was all over the place, I had to use a ton of heat to style it properly and lets just say I just didn’t want to have to spend 30min only on my hair every morning!

So last week I just spontaneously decided to go chop it off!! I went to a place called Hair Fair and the lovely ladies there did an amazing job!!! I went to the one in Mariahilfestraße in the Generali shopping center, for the ladies who live in Vienna and might want to go try it out!


This is the result, on the day that I cut it!!! Sorry for the not so good quality, but it was taken with my phone…I just really wanted to get a picture the day I did it, so that you guys could see it!


And above you can see the haircut on the day after I did it…so, after I slept on it..

When my hair is shorter it gets wavy and I actually like it! Also, it’s been a long time since I’ve had some bangs and I must say I like the look!

What do you think? My friends didn’t believe it was me when I posted it on Istagram! But then they loved it! Do you like it?


Monday, 24 March 2014

Inspirational Monday: How to be happy

After my sick days last week I’ve decided I want to take advantage of the Spring and happiness in this new week!!!
So, it’s to no surprise that I chose this quote for today’s Inspirational Monday!


I like being happy, but I don’t really believe that anyone is 100% happy 24h a day, unless you’re a kid. I just think that isn’t realistic..but I do believe that there are things you can do to help yourself being happy!

Right after I wake up I’m not exactly the happiest person ever…I’m actually pretty grumpy in the early mornings..which always amused my Daddy a lot (one of his favorite things to do in mornings is annoy me…it makes him happy).

I do believe in deciding to be happy every morning!! I try smiling to myself and thinking of good things or things that I like, to make myself be in a better mood. And you know what? It actually helps!!!

Are you going to try this? What are your secrets for being happy?


Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Rosie Cooks: Kaiserschmarrn

 Austria has a few traditional dishes...and this time around I still hadn't had any of them!!! So last week I decided that it was time to change that!

I was craving something sweet so I made some "Kaiserschmarrn", a traditional sweet dish made with flour, sugar and if you wish also raising (which I like) and then you just throw it all into a frying pan!

Of course, since it is a very unhealthy dish and I also was craving something healthy and fresh, I just had a side of strawberries. It was really yummy, but very filling and I ended up just eating half of the strawberries at dinner, and the rest during the evening.

What do you guys think? I have to say my Dad makes this way better, but he's also an amazing cook (and grew up with this food so knows how to make it from scratch instead of getting the bag version like me), but it was still good...

Have a great week!


Monday, 17 March 2014

Inspirational Monday: Beauty is...

I hope you had a very good weekend and are fully loaded for the week ahead!

Nowadays wherever we look, we see gorgeous, beautiful (and more often than not photo-shopped) women. Be it in magazines, on tv or just on a poster in the subway, we keep being bombarded with those images. And they make us think and worse, feel that we're not beautiful.

Next time you feel down or not pretty enough, think about the quote above. Everyone is different, that's the beauty about beauty! That's what you, what we, should focus on! 

Being beautiful is much more than what you look like. I more often that not think that those who are what society calls beautiful or "hot" are usually not people I would want to have close to me on a daily basis. They forget that outside beauty fades, you get older, get wrinkles. But who you are inside can shine no matter what!

What is beauty for you?


Thursday, 13 March 2014

Rosie Eats: Vapiano!

I don't usually get take-out food, not because it isn't healthy (there are a lot of good healthy places nowadays), but because I feel like cooking at home comes cheaper and at least I know what I put into it, right? 

But on Saturday I was so tired by the time I was getting home, I just didn't feel like cooking and I knew I would end up eating cereal or so for dinner...which isn't good. So when I got out of the subway I decided to go into Vapiano to get something yummy to eat, but it was so full of people and I have this stupid thing of not liking to sit in a restaurant alone (what? I don't want people to think I don't have friends....) so I just took it home..

They have this promotion, when you get a pizza or a pasta you can get a mini salad for just 2€...which I got for free...because apparently the cook liked me and only charged me the pasta..

What I love is that you actually see them preparing you food! Also, the package where they put your pasta to go is really good quality!! I actually washed mine and am going to use it to store salads and such in the fridge..or maybe even to take salads to work for lunch!

I got the green pesto pasta and chose to have it with full corn fusilli. It's so yummy (even though my Dad's pesto tastes better in my opinion, but this was good to) and I loved that they use fresh Parmesan and not the stuff from a bag..they actually scrape it in front of you!! And look how good it looks melted into the pasta!!! Also, they only use natural ingredients and you can taste that!´

You get a very good amount for what you pay, I couldn't eat it all at once and had some left over for Sunday's lunch! For all this I paid 6€50, because I got the salad for should have been 8€50, which I still think is a very fair price, especially if you consider these are Austrian prices and not Portuguese ones..

The "mini" salad was double the size I usually make at I guess 2€ is a pretty fair price for it...and their home-made balsamic dressing is to die for!!! It's so creamy... HOW do they get it so creamy?? I have to say I even licked the cover...

If you're ever in Vienna, or anywhere where they have a Vapiano, you have to try it out!! It's just amazing..the people are always nice..and they have free gummy bears at the check out. Enough said!


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Rosie Reviews: Kiehl's Lip Balm #1

From time to time my lips go into a very dry phase. I usually have lip-balm with me at all times, but sometimes I need something stronger.

Even though I've been loving my Blistex (it's like the Carmex one) and also my EOS lip-balms since I can remember, I wanted to try something new..

So, when my lips decided to throw a tantrum on me and be super dry to the point of chapping, even though I didn't change anything on my routine, I finally decided to bite my tongue and finally get the Kiehl's famous Lip Balm #1.

I got it two weeks before I came to Vienna and at 8€ a pack it surely isn't cheap, but I decided to try it and you know what? It's amazing!!! It moisturized my lips so quickly, so soothingly, I just love it!

I've been using it sparingly because it was so expensive, that it's actually more of a luxury product for me. But I have to say, it works wonders! When my lips are too dry I use this at night before going to bed and the next morning I have smooth and kissable lips! I just don't have anyone to kiss, but hey, it makes lipstick look better, right?

Have you tried this? I couldn't recommend it more! If it's too expensive for you (like I think it is too), get it anyways and use it only on special occasions or when you really need something good!


Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Rosie's Wishlist: March 2014 Edition

Most of the time I know I have enough stuff for just a girl. I also know compared to other young women I have actually a tiny amount of stuff. So, logically speaking, I think I should aim to get into that middle, between what I already have and the humongous amount of clothes/shoes/makeup that many bloggers out there have. It's only fair...

Also, being a girl, I always want stuff. If it's pink I like it. And if it is shiny you'll probably not get me away from it very easily...

Here is my new Wishlist...take a look:Rosie's Wishlist
From left to right:

1. MAC BB Cream..I know the picture is for the Moisture Tint but since then I found out that they have a BB Cream and have been trying a sample and have to say it's better than the Moisture Tint. But still, me wants.

2. Biotherm Blue Therapy Serum in Oil Night. My skin is very dry and sensitive and I've been advised by a dermatologist to start using a serum. This one is good because since it's used at night, any extra oil won't be seen during the day.

3. MAC's Mineralize Concealer. The concealer from KIKO I'm currently using is almost out and I've been looking for option. This one seemed pretty good and since it's mineral makeup it's supposed to be healthier for you. Plus it covers up my dark circles, which is what I need, right?

4. The new Essie nail polishes. All of them. Not enough space to show all of them here, so I chose the pink and shiny one. I'm predictable like that.

5. Blouses. All kinds of blouses. I love them all, they go well with any kind of outfit and I'm currently in love with a dark blue one from H&M that costs 25€. 

6. Pumps. Black pumps. Round pumps, pointy pumps all kind of pumps, except square ones, those are ugly. Vienna makes me want to dress more elegant. Plus I love shoes, nothing more to say, really..

7. An iPhone. Well, this list is a bit old...I made this collage a while ago and then forgot about it..But hey, a cute iPhone case, what about that, huh?

Do you have any special wishes on your wishlist?


Monday, 10 March 2014

Inspirational Monday: You are precious!

Hey hey everyone!

On today's Inspirational Monday I decided to use a more humorous picture, but that I still believe in!

Everyone knows that I am on the curvier side and I suffered a lot growing up because I was much curvier and bigger that everyone else and got picked on because of it.. everyone who made fun of me for having some big assets, here you go:

I just had to post this because it really made me smile when I saw it!

I think especially girls should stop putting themselves and each other down for being curvy or having no curves at all because every body is beautiful and no one is perfect!!!

Everyone is precious, every life is precious, YOU are precious!


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Cozy Sunday: Rules of Engagement

Wherever I look nowadays, it seems someone I know is getting engaged. It's ok if it's the old lady from the corner or the sweet waitress at the coffeehouse, but to me it gets a whole lot weirder when it's someone my age instead.

Two years ago I went to a wedding where the bride and groom were 29, that wasn't that weird, after all they were almost 30, that's a good time to get married, right? Plus they'd been together for ages!!!

Then last September one of my middle school friends got married. He's just a month older than me...and he and his now wife had only be together for two years before they got me that's just insane!!! I was with someone for 4.5 years and we broke up. 

I can imagine two people getting married that soon when they're older and more experienced...but at 25? It just seems...weird...and now another two couples I know that are my age (one of them is younger) also got engaged!!!

I'm not even looking for a boyfriend, let alone thinking of getting married!!! Marriage brings a whole lot of responsibilities, like babies and stuff...I have a hard time getting my teenage cat under control!!

So now I'm having all these existential questions and doubts about myself and my like and asking myself "what am I doing with my life???What am I meant to do??" and all that...(ok ok, most of it might be because I'm a bit hormonal, but that's not the point!!) 

So tell me, what do you think about getting engaged so early?? And more importantly, tell me if I'm weird for not even wanting to think about it yet..

And have a good Sunday!


Saturday, 8 March 2014

My favorite heels!

I got these heels last time I lived in Vienna. Geez, time flies by! It's been five years since I've had these...they're getting somewhat scuffed on the side of one of the shoes, but I guess they're not exactly new, right?

Anyways, I had to leave them in Portugal when I came here because they didn't fit into my luggage and also I though it was going to be snowing here eventually. It didn't. Snow, I mean. Not once since I've been here. 

When I opened the package I got from my parents last Friday I was so happy to see my Mum managed to squeeze these into the box and send them to me!

They're ultra comfortable, I can walk miles in them and we have a lot of history. These were the shoes I wore to the Portuguese Golden Globes last May.

Anyways, on Saturday the day was so pretty and the sun was shining to much I thought I would wear them after I got home in the morning. I went to the Belvedere gardens and of course I wore my boots, because that's a lot of walking.

And then what happens?? The sun decides to vanish behind huge clouds. I mean, seriously??? Seriously, Vienna? First you don't give me snow...then when I'm finally ok with that and the fact that you decided to bring Spring early than usual, you bring me big, fat clouds with cold wind!!! What the heck is that???

You need to pick up your game Vienna, or else we're gonna have a big big fight. We might even break up. Probably not, but still, get a grip on yourself and stop trying to be a Katy Perry song ("Hot and Cold"...get it? Ok, forget it...).

Anyways..I hope I get to wear these this coming week...(Hear that Vienna??? You better collaborate with my outfit choices from now on!!!) and I'll take picture and show you...and I'll be a very happy lady in heels!