Inspirational Monday #6

It’s a two letter word, simple, easy to pronounce. Yet how many of us have a hard time saying it? Saying “no” to someone? How many of us feel that we have to always make everyone happy, perhaps because if we don’t they won’t like us?

Saying “no”, does not make you a bad person. It does not make you less important and if someone only likes you for the things you do for them, they ain’t worth your time and friendship.

I also have this problem, saying “no”. Not because I think people won’t like me if I do, but because I feel that I don’t want to miss out on anything, I don’t want to make people sad and for a long long time, I thought it was my duty to make others happy, especially family and friends.

With time, I learned to put my own needs first. That doesn’t mean I completely stopped saying “yes” to everything, but it also doesn’t mean I never say “no”. I learned that it is ok to do something if you want to, just as much as is it ok to say “no” to something you don’t wish to do.

No excuses, no reasons. Just “no”.

Once you have learned to do so, you will feel a lot better. You will appreciate the small things more, you will appreciate the things you wish to do and you won’t resent yourself for doing something you don’t want to do in the first place.

How hard is it for you to say “no”? Let me know in the comments below!

{Review} My favorite concealers

I like makeup. I like the way I can change it according to my mood and the way I can use it to change up my look whenever and how I want to.

Concealers have become my best friends. Seriously, I might leave the house with nothing on my face, except concealer. Unfortunately since relapsing, my under eye bags have been extremely dark. And even concealing them doesn’t do the trick. But I still got my favorites, lets check them:


From left to right: MAC Pro Longwear concealer, MAC Mineralize concealer, Catrice Camouflage cream.

The MAC Pro longwear concealer, has a very good coverage and I even use it sometimes a bit on my cheeks, to cover up the redness (when I don’t use foundation). It is also extremely resistant, even on hot Summer days. I  like the pump, even though you need to be very careful as it tends to let out too much. I don’t usually feel the need to set it with a powder, unless it is a very hot day.

MAC Mineralize concealer (around 20€) is a softer, with lower coverage concealer. It’s what I use most of the days, because it’s so lightweight. However, it does not in any way cover my dark circles completely. But since I don’t really want to wear so much makeup on a daily basis, this is a good option. This one is applied with a built-in brush. I usually set this with a powder and feel it lasts longer on my skin that way.

The Catrice Camouflage concealer is in a pot and is very thick. You need to get it out with a brush or your fingers. Personally I use my (clean!) fingers, because I find the heat of my skin melts the formula and makes it easier to blend. It is full coverage and you definitely need to set it with a powder!

Regarding colors, I am NW15 in the Pro Longwear (19€), NC15 in the Mineralize (20.50€) and “Ivory” in the Catrice one (2.99€). All of these are extremely light, just like me. Also, don’t be scared to try different shades, especially in stores like MAC. I have a rather neutral undertone so I can get away with using NC or NW shades, depending also on the makeup I’m using and how golden my hair is.

What are your favorite concealers? Let me know!

Inspirational Monday #5

Inspiration. Uncertainty. Strength. Hope. Future. Keep going.


Some days things don’t go as well as you want them to. Some days you just want to think “fuck it”, built a fort out of pillows and live in it forever with books, coffee and cats. Or whatever you like and want. And that’s ok. It is totally ok to have those days.

But you need to know to always come back. Always keep having hope, keep moving on, keep trying. If you lose that, you’ll lose everything.

It doesn’t matter if it’s hope that things get better, hope that the bad things go away, hope the negative people get out of your life. Hope. Strength. Faith. Those things are connected.  Have hope in life and have faith that things will get better. Because eventually, they will.

Never forget it.

The time we went to Il Teatro

No, we didn’t go to the theater…we went to one of the loveliest Italian restaurants in Linz, called Il Teatro! It somewhat further away from our place and we have to drive there, but it’s worth the drive!

On to the food! We decided to share a salad and a Vitello Tonnato as entries.

How yummy does that look? I must say, I had never tried Vitello Tonnato until Markus sort of made me do it last year. I don’t want anything else since then, it’s so so good!

Both of us were torn between the pastas and the pizzas. The restaurant also has a lot of other options, even steak! But we ended up going with pizza!

Markus (above) went for the classic salami pizza, with capers, anxoves and olives. I decided to have a pizza with mushrooms and pineapple (below).

We both enjoyed the food, even though we both felt that the pizzas were a bit salty. I think the tomato sauce they used was a bit too sour for my taste, especially when combined with the pineapples, but it was very good nonetheless.

Ant then we were too full for dessert, but got some tiramisu to go! Tiramisu is one of my favorite desserts of all time!

All in all I loved the atmosphere of the restaurant, it is really cozy and smells like what  think an Italian home should smell!

Il Teatro Lenauerpark – Hamerlingstraße 46, 4020 Linz.

You can make a reservation online through a form, you’ll get an email once the reservation is done!

What is your favorite food to have? Let me know 😉

{Review} Deep Moisture Bodylotion

I not only have extremely dry skin, I also suffer from Neurodermatitis. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a form of dermatitis that 80% of babies get and grow out of it by the age of 2. And then there’s that 1% that never really grows out of it. You can guess my luck, right?

That’s why I try to moisturize my skin as much as I can. But I hate the feeling of too greasy moisturizer. That’s where the Neutrogena Deep Moisture Bodylotion comes into the picture!

Good thing about Austria is that this costs about 4€ less than it does in Portugal. Just a side note, so you can see how the world sucks.

Anyways, I love this lotion! I got it because it’s for sensitive skin, doesn’t have a strong smell (it fades after a while), really gets into my skin and has a pump! A pump!!!! I love this!

This is a thick lotion, but it doesn’t get greasy in your skin. I use it every time I shower and it leaves my skin very silky.

It does not make my skin less dry though, but that is just something that will not go away anytime soon. I do like the lotion though and I think if you have moderate dry skin, it might be very good for you!

Have you ever tried it? Let me know!