Thursday, 24 July 2014

New apartment tour!

Remember when I said I moved? Before everything happened with Cookie I actually took a video of the empty apartment!

Check it out and let me know what you think!


Sunday, 13 July 2014

Bullies will be bullies

I never understood people who hide behind a computer screen or a phone in order to bully other people. Don't get me wrong, I condone all types of bullying, but I find this type of bullying the worst. At least those guys we see in american movies beating the crap out of the geeks, are doing it in person and not hiding behind a screen. 
I believe bullying itself is already a very coward act...but doing it this way is exceptionally coward. Especially when you call someone you don't even know from a restricted number just to insult them.

 I don't get how someone can feel so threatened by someone they don't even know, that they feel the need to do something like that. I mean...if you're gonna do it, do it in a woman/man and stand up to your actions!

Calling someone to insult tell them they're worthless and other stuff not even worth mentioning just shows how insecure you are. It's sad, because you're trying to make someone else feel bad just because you're not sure about yourself or your relationship or whatever the reason for your call.

I think that is one of the most degrading things someone can do, you think you come out on top, but in reality you're just showing that you're not even woman/man enough to do it in person and you feel the need to hide behind a screen...

I guess what I want to tell to all the bullies out're not the coming out on're not even worth anyone's time or respect. Especially mine.

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Bean and Tuna salad!

A few weeks ago I decided to use a can of beans I had at home and make myself a yummy salad!

It was late..I didn't feel like actually cooking...and I had a ton of fresh stuff at home so this is what I ended up making:

I ended up using red beans, tomatoes, cucumber, tuna and olives! It was really yummy, fresh and healthy and due to the beans I got full really fast and for a long time!

I love this kind of dishes, they're easy and are healthy!


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Heart to heart: Brave

I've been in Vienna for almost 5 months (it'll be 5 months on the 4th of July). It wasn't an easy decision to move here. It was something I've always wanted to do, because I fell in love with the city when I first came here 11 or 12 years ago. But it was hard, because that meant leaving my Parents, my Friends, my family.

A month after I arrived, I started my first job. At the time, my uncle told me he was extremely proud of me. I couldn't understand why, because in my mind I didn't do anything special. He said he was so proud of me, because I actually left everything behind, moved to a country not knowing what to expect. A few months later, I thought I had everything figured out...everything seemed to be going well at work, I had made a few new friends and I was managing living alone and raising a teenage cat on my own. 

I got fired from my first job in May. Actually, I just didn't get my contracted renewed, but for me it was the same thing. I cried. Like a baby. It was the first time I'd ever been fired from a job and the reason seemed pretty sketchy, but whatever. I didn't want to call my parents and at the same time I wanted to. My friend M. actually met me (and waited 2h for me at my door step, the poor thing!) and "made" me call my parents. I called my Dad first and I was terrified. I was so scared that I would disappoint him and that he would be mad at me. He was so supportive, just like I knew he would be, deep down.

The thing is, even though I tried to put on a brave face...I was terrified. I still am sometimes. I got a new job and I know I am lucky. I have parents who love me and help me in any way they can...friends who are always there for me, even from 3000km away, and I know the city I am in.

 But I am not brave.

A few weeks ago my Mum told me on the phone how proud she is of me...and I just don't understand me, I'm not doing anything special... I know I moved countries without knowing what to expect...but I knew the city..I knew the country...and even though I had a romanticized view of Vienna (of the time my aunt was still alive), I don't think I did anything that brave... I know people who moved to a country they didn't know...heck my Mum did it back in the 80's! That is brave!!! She moved to a country she didn't know...where she didn't know the language and the culture...that's fucking bravery, not what I'm doing! I chose the one country I know...I don't think I would have ever moved somewhere I didn't know the culture or where I didn't know anyone... I'm a chicken...let's face it...

Most of the months I end up fearing to run out of money (thankfully it hasn't happened yet!) or food (also not) or worse, not being able to feed Cookie. The day I got fired I had 2€ in my wallet...and I used it to buy Cookie food. She was my priority, my first thought, my number one thing...she's my baby after all..

I don't feel like I'm all...most of the time I don't know what I'm doing! I find myself crying over the smallest things, like when I smell my Mum's perfume in the street (and I really don't like that perfume! =P) or when I see the ships in the Danube river and I suddenly remember something my Dad taught me about ships when I was a kid (he is a Captain).

Truth is, most of the time I put on a brave face, but deep down I'm fucking scared as a baby! But I don't want to worry my parents and my friends...especially my parents.. I know my Mum knows what I'm going through, but I still don't want to seem...weak. And sometimes that's how I feel. And I hate that feeling. 

I know I reached a lot in these 5 months. I know I managed to do more than many people! I got a job, I got an apartment, I fell down and I pull myself back up...and all along I kept thinking about something my Dad wrote me on my graduation cap..."Life is like a ladder". It's stuck with me since the day I read it. You start from the bottom...sometimes you fall down and are back at the beginning, but you can never give up. To me it's not an option. Going back to Portugal isn't an option, not because I don't love the country...not because I don't want to be with my friends and family (I would want nothing more than being with them!), but because the situation there isn't ok right now and I don't see it getting any better. Because I love this country and part of me was always here (my Dad was born here after all and my aunt lived here all her life). I love Austria...well, I love Vienna (I don't know anything else from Austria xD) and when I decided I was gonna come here, I knew it would be permanent. Or at least, for the next 10 to 20 years.

But even though I see how much I've much I grew in these few months (sometimes I feel like I've grown 30 years in such a short time!!!), I still feel like the silly little girl who smiles at every dog she sees and laughs way louder that she should (usually in the most inappropriate times) and makes weird jokes that no one gets because she's got a weird humor. I still feel like a kid sometimes. And I still need my parents, no matter how far away or how old I am, I'll always need them and I'll always call them with the stupidest excuses. (and yes, sometimes I make up reasons just to call so I can listen to their voices. 

Maybe I am brave. Maybe I'm not. But in the end of the day, I'm me..and I think I'll always be the small little girl from Portugal, who loves the seaside and runs away from spiders.


Monday, 30 June 2014

Accepting presents!

If anyone out there is having trouble spending their money and would like to give me something, I decided to write a post to help you out! See how adorably and nice I am??? birthday was in June...(the 3rd), but I am a firm believer you can receive gifts anytime you want to. I mean, give. Give gifts!

Anyways...I have a Pandora bracelet. Only, it's not Pandora, it's from a brand called Silverado. It's cheaper but the quality is amazing and I love it! I have a couple of charms, but it's nowhere near being full!

I love the little family charm...I'm definitely gonna get this eventually...because I'm far away from my parents and I miss them. And it's cute.

The clove definitely should come to my collection...I mean, I need some luck coming my way, ya know? Well..I'm pretty lucky already...but still!

I found this charm while browsing Google for this post...and I am definitely gonna get this! My Opa was an actor and even though he died when I was 9, he was always a big part of my life...and I think it would be a nice way of honoring him!

So...if any of you lovelies want to give me any kind of present, feel free to!!! 


Sunday, 29 June 2014

Drooling over Havaianas

So, I lived all my life near the seaside which meant in the summer I basically lived in flip flops. Not just any flip, what flip flops are concerned, I'm a snob! feet are! Ever since I was 12 and got my first pair of Havaianas, I never looked back! I had my first pair for 10 years and my second pair 12 broke two months ago and I've been moping ever since..

When I found out they also sell them in Austria I was over the moon!!! Then I saw the price....I mean, the last pair I bought was limited edition, back in 2005 and it cost me 15€ edition! Today, the plain ones cost 30€!!!!

I don't know if it's because of the World Cup being in Brasil (it's a Brazilian brand) or whatnot, but I'm not gonna buy a pair for 30€! I'll wait for my Mommy to send me the pair I still have home and while I don't get them, I'll just drool over these....

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Teenage cats....

This is the expression Cookie makes when I tell her she's not supposed to play with my slippers. Or better said...this is the expression she makes whenever she's doing something she's not supposed to do and I tell her to be good.

Just thought I ought to share it with you see what I suffer on a daily basis...


Saturday, 21 June 2014

Get catty

Rosie has a camera. A good camera. A canon camera. Pretty and pretty expensive. Rosie uses the camera regularly. But then Rosie forgets to upload the pictures on the computer. And when she does, she already doesn't look like in said pictures.
But today when Rosie uploaded the pictures, she decided her makeup was too good not to write about. So here it is. My makeup from like two thousand weeks ago.

I love myself a cat eye, but until recently I only used to use my gel liner from essence (so much cheaper than MAC's one and does an even better job in my opinion!)

A month ago I decided to try out a liquid liner from the drugstore Bipa here in Austria. At a little over 6€ I thought it would be a safe bet to try, not going to spend much money and boy was I right..It is, without any doubt, the best liquid eyeliner I EVER tried!!!

It's waterproof and does not smudge AT ALL! I can wear this all day and it will not budge!

I just love the look of a cat eye...


Tuesday, 10 June 2014

10 must have beauty items!

Since I'm a makeup artist and a beauty junkie I decided to bring you what I think are the Top 10 Beauty Must-Haves for every girl out there!

Beauty Must-haves

1-Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation! I actually wore this one from MAC in the shade Light (the lightest of them all) and liked it a lot! It evens out your skin and moisturizes at the same time!!

2- Body lotion or body butter! I think every girl (and boy!) should keep themselves moisturized!!! And don't let yourself be fooled by very "baby-feeling" skin (as I like to call it)! I never thought I needed a lotion, until I tried one for the first time!!

3- A neutral eye-shadow quad! If you have this, you can do many different looks that apply to day and night! Specially if you're a beginner with make-up, I would advise you to stay with the neutrals and venture to the colors afterwards when you feel a bit more confident in using them (trust me, I still have a very vivid red shadow that I hardly ever use...)

4- Mascara! I may go out of the house with a bare face, but my mascara has to be put!!! I actually do use this one as well, it's from Maybelline and I think it's totally one of the best mascaras I've ever tried!

5- A GOOD moisturizer! I never cared about brands (and still am a bit like that) until I got this Moisturizing Gel from Clinique as a present!

6- A good lip balm!! My favorite is from Carmex, with no special flavor ..well, it's minty, but as far as I know that's the "natural" flavor they have!! It's really good for my lips!!

7- An Exfoliator! Yes, it makes wonders! You can make your own at home with some sugar and water, but I feel it's to harsh on my skin and I prefer a store bought one! You can also make some face masks a couple of days a week and get the same results!

8- Eyeliner!! In any color you like! The most common are black and brown, it does help defining you eye and if you use a white one, it opens up your eyes!!

9- Bronzer or blush (or both!)! (the MAC powder actually should be next to the body shop one upsy daisy) I believe that a good bronzer makes you look way healthier than just the normal powder! 

10- Lipstick or Lipgloss!! I actually LOVE the Dior lipsticks (but they're way too expensive!)!! They are a lipstick that feel like a gloss!! This can give you a bit of color and it's the easiest way to play up your face, specially if you're in a hurry!!

Please bare in mind these are what I think every girl should have and not just regarding to make-up! Yes, most of you would have included a concealer, but I think sometimes you can use your own foundation as a concealer (I know I do!)


Saturday, 7 June 2014

Mafra's royal gardens!

When I lived in Portugal, we lived 35km away from Lisbon in a small town called Mafra! It's actually really touristic and gorgeous!

 It's not only breathtaking, it has a play area for kids and just thinking that Princesses and Queens used to take their walks in this park just takes my breath away!

I really like how they kept the gates, even after renovating them, they still kept the style and I find that really good!! 

The gardens are right next to the Convent that was also used as a Palace for the Kings and Queens! I had the opportunity of interning there one summer and I cannot recommend it enough to anyone who would like to check it out! Plus, it's free on Sunday mornings, so if you are ever in Mafra make sure you take a look inside!

I really like the vintage feel of the garden! It reminds me of the gardens in Vienna and that makes me so happy!! Feels like home when I'm there! 

In the Spring and Summer you can see blooming flowers and lots of vibrant colors! I sometimes used to go there just to read in the shade in the afternoon... 

These pictures portrait just a tiny part of the gardens, but they are so big!!

I hope you guys liked this post! Now you know a bit of where I live!!! 

Again, if you ever come to Portugal make sure to visit this gardens in Mafra, and the Palace too!! You won't regret it!!

Friday, 6 June 2014

Short short short

I would like to know who told young girls they could wear shorts that hardly even cover their butt to school and still be taken seriously by their teachers/university Professors.

I'm not saying you shouldn't wear shorts...but unfortunately the way we dress does give off an impression of who we are and if you go dressed to school like you would for a beach party or music festival, your teachers will not take you seriously.

Rosie Advises: Toxic relationship

I love my boyfriend, but sometimes he gets totally angry at the stupidest things and then yells at me and sometimes even scares me. He never hit me or anything and he never would, but I don't know how much more of this I can take. What should I do? seems to me that you're in a toxic (and I would even go as far as saying abusive) relationship. You didn't mention how long you've been with this person, but I don't think this would be something that would change with time. I was in a relationship with someone who was very negative, towards everything. I also didn't believe he would ever hit me "or anything", but when he once pushed me so hard I fell (after we'd broken up and were just friends) I decided to get the heck out! 

I'm not telling you to break up with your boyfriend, because that is something only you can decide for yourself, because you're the one in the situation. I will, however, say I don't like the sound of him! I would advise you to re-think your relationship. Even if you love him, and I believe you do, no man is worth you getting hurt! You should seek help, if you think you cannot do this on your own. I know many cities have places where you can reach out for help or you could even ask in your school or community if there is a place to help you.


Thursday, 5 June 2014

Rosie styles: Maxi dress from day to night!

The time has come for us to whip out our sandals and store our winter coats! And that means one thing: maxi dresses are back!! 
I love maxi dresses because you totally have an outfit with just one piece of clothing and you can usually dress them up or down.

Today I decided to show you how I'd style the same maxi dress from day (left) to night (right). 

I love this dress because it's feminine, girly and cute. And the belt gives you some shape, which I love love love!

For the day I would style it with a hat (obligatory for the summer months!), a denim jacket if it's a bit cool outside, a simple droplet necklace to give some color, a big bag to carry everything around, from your phone to your camera, sunglasses and flat sandals! I actually own the exact bag and the sandals of this picture (in a different color) and I love them!

For night I would change the jacket to a light leather jacket, a big statement necklace and a clutch (both bring out the blue tones of the dress), some bangles and very high sandals.

I love how versatile maxi-dresses can be and I am on the lookout for a couple this year...but they're always either too short or too long...usually the latter..


Monday, 2 June 2014

Why I don't like Twilight!

This is not a hate post, I am just sharing my opinion and explaining why I don't like Twilight!

No, it's not because of the lack of clothing of the's not because of the acting skills of any of the actors...and it's not because Meyer decided to make vampires sparkle (although I do find that quite weird)

It's actually because of the story itself! I read the books and I saw all of the movies (except for the last one) and from that I was able to form my own opinion.

I think the movies are amazingly done! If you consider the special effects and all that, they are very good movies...the whole sparkling effect alone, that something you cannot get just with makeup...

I think Stephanie Meyer writes very well, I actually rather enjoy her way of writing! It's the story that bothers me... The whole thing where Bella does everything Edward wants...the whole controlling relationship...his jealousy about her hanging out with the werewolf guy disguised as worry...THAT is what bothers me. This whole series of books and movies are so big that, like it or not, everyone involved in it (specially the main actors) have become role models...and I just do not think that advocating a relationship like the one portrayed in the books (and in a somewhat lighter way in the movies) is the right thing to do.

In an era filled with violent and controlling relationships, these books are just basically telling young girls that it is ok to be controlled by their boyfriends! And that's is really a no-no for me! Having been in a controlling and sometimes even violent relationship, changing those views is very close to my heart. The whole way how Edward controls Bella, in my opinion, is just giving teenagers the idea that that is how a perfect relationship should be...and it isn't!!! That is solely the reason why I don't like Twilight..

I also think all of the hater comments about Kristen Stewart's acting are way to overblown...she is suppose to act like that...have you read the books? She is supposed to be like that, doing everything he wants and not being very...well...emotional. I don't think she's a bad actress...I just think maybe she just has been choosing the same type of parts for some time now...I mean, do you guys remember her in that movie with Jodie Foster when she was young? She was great! Talent doesn't just go away like that, ya know?

Like I said before, this isn't a hater post...and if you like the movies, congratulations! Good for you! I actually like them too...I just don't like the whole I-don't-have-a-personality-and-do-everything-my-controlling-vampire-boyfriend-wants kinda vibe!


Missing Lisbon...

What I love about Lisbon is that it's a city of many and my friend D. used to walk through the city with my camera and just take pictures and take the whole surroundings in! 

On this particular day we went to a very little known place called "Jardim do Torel" (basically Torel's Garden). It's fairly in the center of the city, but very well truly is a hidden gem!

At the main entrance of the gardens you have this beautiful fountain with a I the only one that loves fountains?

The gardens have a lot of sitting places...some weird lounging chairs and a lot of cozy in the end of a Summer day!

And from there you have an amazing view to the city!!

I miss my beautiful Lisbon...


Sunday, 1 June 2014

10 must have accessories for every woman!

Since I haven't written a post on fashion for a long time, I decided to bring you today my top ten accessories every girl should own, in my opinion!

10 Accessories every girl should own!

1- Camisole: Yes, I know, most of you probably will think that's not an accessory, but a clothing piece. You are right, I tell you. Yet, I do think it can also be an accessory, for the simple reason that you can use it to give you a pop of colour to your outfit, or even to hide a larger bust (like I do).

2- Statement Necklace: I think a statement necklace is the best way to spice up a boring outfit! I have yet to find my favorite statement necklace, but I think they are so cute and some of them quite affordable and if you're not a crazy perfectionist like me, you'll find one pretty easily! 

3- Scarf: Yes, I think a scarf (or in this case an infinity scarf) is a great way to not only keep warm, but look stylish at the same time: double win!! I  think you can never have to many!!

4- Bangles: Bangles are just such a cute way to look girly and not to 'overdone'! You can wear silver, gold or even mix metals (I think that looks really cute!!)

5- A good quality leather bag: Ideally, for me, it would be the Chanel double flap in Caviar Black (anyone want to give me one? =P), that is just my favorite bag of ALL times! Of course, I do not have the money to buy one, so I will stick with the more affordable versions...anyways, a good quality leather bag will last you for years and years and is a good investment!!

6- Classic earrings: I think classic earrings such as pearls are never wrong!  And there are many different types of pearls, some more modern if you like them! Any type of small classic earrings I think are good, and every girl should own at least one pair 

7- Ballerina flats: Black ballerina flats are a must have!! But you can have them in any colour you want and they will spice up any outfit! They are also very inexpensive (I got some leather one for 20€!) and if you get them in red you'll be like a Parisian girl!

8- Nude heels: I think nude heels are a must in any wardrobe (ok, I'm a loser already because I don't own any...). They will elongate your legs, make you look thinner and taller and above all that, they look CUTE! But make sure you choose the right shade of nude for your skin tone (that's why I haven't got any yet...I'm so pale it's hard to find the perfect pair).

9- Sunglasses: These are not only stylish, they also protect your eyes from the sun and that's another double win!!

10- Nail polish: You can choose any color you want! I think nail polish is a great way to accessorize. I do believe they can make you go from punk to classy and are an inexpensive way to do it! Plus, if you are good, you can make your own manicures!


Saturday, 31 May 2014

Breaking up..

Dear Problems!

I don't know a nice way to tell you this...but I think we should break up! I could say it is me and not you, but that would be lying. It's you. It's totally you! 

You give me headaches, make me cry and on top of that you cheat on me with literally everyone else there is in the world!

I am done with the sleepless nights laying awake in my bed thinking about you and how to solve you and the countless "why me's"!

I have decided I am moving on from you. Breaking up and starting from scratch! You can come after me, try to call or even e-mail me but you will not get an answer. Go give someone else headaches!

From now on I will give my full attention to those who love me, my family and friends and I will forget about you! Only good thoughts are allowed to come into my mind and life! Only good things and not any of your friends and family Problems...I have no desire in having any of them in my life!

I will smile instead of crying, I will sleep instead of thinking of you and what to do and I will be happy and laugh!

Finally I will have time to meet my good friends HappinessLoveFriendshipSmile and even Butterflies in my Stomach that you kept me from seeing for so long! 

Nevertheless...I hope you manage not to be so problematic anymore...I wish you luck into making someone else's life miserable!

We had a good run Problems...but now it's over!

Rosie Cooks: Mushroom and sausage salad

I love salads. And when I say I love them, I mean I could eat them all day long, everyday. And sometimes I do. I sometimes snack on cucumber and cherry tomatoes at work. My colleague M. always makes fun of me for that.

Salads are just easy, quick and yummy! You can combine everything you want and while I usually don't like to mix cold and hot ingredients, I've been opening up my horizons. 

For this salad I actually wanted to use a bit of turkey breast meat I had at home...but I forgot to take it out of the freezer (typical Rosie!) and so I had to improvise. I always try to have some Frankfurter sausages at home, for those days you don't know what to do, or forgot to go shopping or just want a hot dog!

I used some mushrooms and fried them with the sausage in a bit of olive oil with dried up garlic and spices. For the salad itself I used mixed greens (I've been OBSESSED with Arugula lately!), some tomatoes and cucumber. I drizzled some balsamic oil mixture-thing and "Kräuter" salt (which is basically salt with spices) and it was ready to eat!

I had a glass of iced tea, something Cookie did not like at all, because then she couldn't drink my water. Yeah, she always does it. 

What do you think? Do you like this kind of recipes?


Friday, 30 May 2014

Obsessed: Animal print scarves

I think most of you know by now I'm always either wearing a scarf or have one with me at all times. It's just who I am, I believe it's a fashionable piece that can keep you warm and look great! It's a win-win situation, right?

I had a leopard print scarf way back when, but I left it in Portugal because it just wasn't really looking that good anymore..and I've been on the hunt for the perfect animal print scarf ever since!
Obsessed: Animal print scarves
So I decided to make this small collage. Only, I have no idea which one I love most! I love the second one and the fourth one. But I also love the last one, because it's different than all the others. I also like that the first one has some blue going on because it looks unexpected...and the third one has such a beautiful print...ok, you get my dilemma, right?

I'm still gonna be on the look for an animal print scarf...but for now I'll just look at these beauties and try not to drool (too much)..


Rosie's Wishlist #2 - still with the sandals...

Maybe you remember me talking about some sandals I saw in this post from last week, where I told you I wanted some really cute sandals that cost a fortune. Well, that's debatable...but do me it's a fortune, ok???

So I decided to make a collage of sandals I likes and show you! What do you think?

Sandals 2014

I actually like all of them!! I really need to get myself a new pair of Havaianas, because my beloved and trustworthy pair of 12 years broke *insert sad smiley*... But I also want a pair of cute day-to-day heeled sandals that I can style up or so hard to find though...

Up until now I've only really owned two pairs of "nicer" sandals...they both had wedges and even though I love the look of sandals with wedges, this years I'm more into chunky heels...But nonetheless I wanted to show you the cute wedges sandals on the top row, because they're just darn cute!

On the second row I love love love the first pair (not even gonna talk about the price, we don't want to have a depress Rosie here!), but I'm actually liking the second pair a lot! They're from H&M and "only" cost 30€, which I think is pretty neat....I'm kinda scared to get some shoes from there, because I'm kinda scared that they won't be good quality... 

Have any of you tried shoes from H&M? What are your thoughts on it?


Rosie Advises: He's dating me and someone else

Hi Rosie! I've been reading your blog since you wrote on Teacups&Dresses and I've always loved you! You write really nice and always talk about important issues for us young girls and I just know whenever I come here I always end up feeling better! But now I am the one that needs some advice and I hope you can help...So, I began dating this guy, right? He's really sweet and caring and I really like him. But here's the thing. I found out he's also started dating my friend. She totally knew but when we compared stories in the bathroom it seems he's been honest to both of us. He says he really likes us and doesn't know who he wants to be with. It's hard because it's going on me and my friends friendship and we don't know what to do. I wish he would just choose one of us and be done with it. This has been going on for almost two months! What do I do? Crystal

I actually remember some of your comments Crystal, wow, you've been a loyal reader sweetie!!! So, of course when I saw your e-mail I just had to help you out! I hope this helps you out in your situation and feel free to e-mail me if you need!

( have no idea how familiar this sounds!)

First of all, lose the friend! If someone really is your friend, she won't start dating the same guy you're going out with. No excuses, I don't care what she said, regardless if she "totally knew" about it or knew "just a bit", that's not something a friend should do and that's the end of it!

Secondly...well...seems like the guy's just stringing you both along. Even if he does like you girls, if he keeps dating the both of you, he's stringing you along. Maybe he doesn't know who he likes more, maybe he doesn't know what he wants or maybe he's scared to commit. Regardless what his reason is, at this point the right thing to do would be stop dating both of you and figure out which one he likes or what the heck he wants. Because, as long as he keeps seeing both you and your "friend", he's not gonna bloody know what he wants! I'm sure both of you are very nice and sweet girls, but I don't think what he's doing is right.

Look, if he started dating you first, then he shouldn't even have started dating your friend. That's the truth of the situation! But he did, and no one can take that back, so now the only thing to do is work with what you got.

You have either two either keep being strung along and end up losing the guy and the friend (because he ain't gonna choose unless he has to...and right now he doesn't have to, because he has the both of you) or you take the control of the situation. No, I'm not telling you to make him choose (that never really works and you'd only end up hurt). 

I am telling you to jump the heck out of the situation! You could try being friends with him, sure, but I don't think that would be good. Because to him, that would mean you're just there...waiting for him to decide you're good enough for him. And who knows, maybe when he sees he is losing you, he might have it easier to figure out which one of you he likes, but don't count on that because that's the kind of thing that only happens in movies and teen shows.

I really advise you to get out of the situation. This will only bring drama you don't want to into your life and make you feel miserable about yourself. And if he really treasures you and thinks you're worth it, he will go after you. IF he's a real man. But if he's just a boy, which seems to be the case, it might take some time for him to actually start valuing other people's feelings instead of only his own... 

He seems to be indecisive and care more about his feelings than those of the people he dates, which just kinda shows he's being selfish. Frankly, it also makes me second-guess his ability to actually have a real, actual, serious relationship with someone else, besides himself. It seems to me he's sill very immature and needs to grow up a bit. And you guys are young (and I know how much people hate to hear that!!!) and in a couple of years this won't even seem as bad. If you're going through this in 10 years, then you should worry!

Which just shows me...I should go and take my own advice now.