A birthday outfit

Those of you who have been following the blog longer might still remember there was a time when I used to share a lot of outfit posts. Along the way that stopped, even though those were some of my favorite posts to write. Why? I’m not really sure. I think on one hand I just stopped having someone to shoot the outfits – after I moved to Austria – on another hand I just stopped feeling good in my own body. But that is all in the past now!

I had been playing with the thought of starting to post outfits again. Sure, I sometimes find my own outfits boring, but maybe it would help me put some more thought into them, right? So today I thought of sharing with you what I wore for my father in law’s birthday lunch on Sunday.

Here is the birthday outfit:


Ok, it is pretty obvious that I was a bit nervous about taking these photographs. But hey, I hadn’t shot an outfit in a very long time.

Since the weather was going to be good – 18º C – I thought it would be a good time to wear my skirt again. It’s a simple black skirt from H&M and I find it to be very comfortable to wear and because of the color it’s also easy to combine.


I wore it with a blouse from Primark – Burgundy is one of my favorite colors ever and it looks great paired with black!

Black ballerina shoes go with everything and these are already over one year old, bought at Deichmann. I think you can still find them though, as they were the second pair I got (if it fits, why not buy a second pair when the first is broken, right?). I also like that they’re easy to clean and because they’re not so fancy, I don’t mind wearing them when going to the countryside like on this day.


I also took the chance to wear my new choker/arm candy from We Are FlowergirlsWe could choose one to bring with our goody bag at the FashionCamp Vienna. I have to say it was so hard to choose one, if I could I would just have taken them all! 

As you can also see, I also used my new iPhone cover, that I also got the chance to get at the FashionCamp from the lovely Anna. I finished the outfit with my dark-blue bag in Chanel-style and that was my outfit.

What do you think? Would you like me to post more outfits here on the blog? Let me know in the comments 😉


{Review} the Kiehl’s face set

A day before we went on vacation, I got a package from Douglas. In it was the Kiehl’s face set, which I had the opportunity to test out. However, because we were going to Italy the next day, the testing had to wait until we got back.

In the meantime 1.5 months have gone by, during which I had the time to test all of the products. What I thought about them and how they worked out for me? Keep reading to find out!


The packaging of the set was so beautiful, I almost didn’t want to unpack it. But of course I had to, or else I wouldn’t be able to get to the products. 

Inside were 5 products: the Ultra Faciam Cream, the Ultra Facial Cleanser, the Creamy Eye Treatment, the Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1 and the very hyped Midnight Recovery Concentrate Serum. I was very excited to try these out, even thought I had already used the lip balm back when I was in Portugal. I didn’t know any of the other products though.

My skin is a bit of a problem child. It’s not only very sensible, but also extremely dry and I suffer from Neurodermitis too. That’s why a good face care routine is very important for me, as well as the quality of the products. I was very curious to try these out. I’d already heard a ton about Kiehl’s and wanted to make my own mind about the brand.

The first thing I tried was the lip balm, before I had even put the other products into place. It’s a very nourishing balm. However I have the feeling it only moisturizes the first layer of skin and doesn’t get really into the deep layers of the lips. Nevertheless, it still is my go-to lip balm on very cold days or if I’m on a plane. It builds a barrier on your lips and prevents them of getting chapped or dry.

The Ultra Facial Cleanser is very mild, but very moisturizing and nourishing. You really don’t need much, a small drop will suffice for the whole face and therefore it also lasts longer. My skin felt very moisturized after using it and I didn’t get that dry feeling you sometimes get with certain cleansers. I’m using it every evening after taking my makeup off and am still loving it! I also didn’t break out nor did I have any other problems with it.


The Creamy Eye Treatment was also very good – and it smells delicious! It has avocado oil and is very moisturizing, without feeling heavy on the skin. I also felt it was a bit cooling and very nourishing. We often forget to give the skin around our eyes the attention it deserves – me at least, but I’m probably not the only one, right?

At first I found the Ultra Facial Cream almost too moisturizing. However, when the weather started changing and the temperatures dropped to welcome Autumn, that changed. I think for me this might be a bit too heavy during the Summer, but for the colder months it’s perfect! Right now I’m only using it in the evening and use the cream from my dermatologist in the morning. I can imagine I will use it day and night during the cold Winter days!

The Midnight Recovery Concentrate is already very well known. I think everyone and their mother swear on it. And you know what? I became a believer too! I’d tried a similar serum once and it was too heavy and made me break out like hell. So I must admit I was a bit skeptical to ty it out. The bottle they sent also contains only 4ml and I thought that wouldn’t be enough to test it. But you really only need one or two drops for the whole face. I am using it in the evening and I really can feel a difference in my skin, it doesn’t feel as dry anymore.

My thoughts?

I think Kiehl’s is a very good brand and I’ll definitely get the Midnight Revovery Concentrate and the Ultra Facial Cleanser again! Until now I’ve tried to use the cheapest things I could find and was neglecting my skin care. I’ve learned that, just like everything else, if the quality is good then it’s also worth giving out the extra couple Euros. I will also keep the lip balm for the colder days and flights, the eye cream did not wow me enough for me to buy it again though.

Do you know Kiehl’s products? What do you specifically look for when you’re buying skin care products?


FashionCamp Vienna 2016

FashionCamp Vienna is the first German-speaking Blog conference and is organized by Anna Heuberger from”h.anna“, Maria Ratzinger from”WohnZin” (and “Stylekingdom“) and Sophie Ryba from”TheLipstick.net“.

FashionCamp Vienna is a conference from Bloggers, to Blogger and took place this year for the 7th time. I had the opportunity to be there last Saturday for the first time and today I’d like to share with you what I thought about it. 


The location was breathtaking, at the Goldenes Quartier in Vienna, at the Hotel Park Hyatt Vienna. I must say I spent the first minutes in awe of the place. I eventually saw some known faces and came back down to the real world. The whole thing started at 10am with breakfast at the Bel Etage. There were mini sandwiches and a lot of fresh fruit, as well as coffee and the new Smoothies from Innocent. We could talk to the other bloggers right away and make new friends.


At 10h30 it was time to go to the Grand Salon, where the lovely ladies from FCVIE welcomed us and we then got the opportunity to listen to a Keynote from Heiko Hebig, who works at Instagram in Germany. The Keynote was titled “Instagram for Bloggers”, which meant we were in good hands and I even learned a couple of things I didn’t know beforehand. 


Afterwards we could go to our workshops – everyone could choose one. I choose the workshop“Instagram-Photography powered by EOS”, led by the beautiful ladies from The Daily Dose. Kathi and Vicky are the experts when it comes to beautiful Instagram photographs and they gave us a ton of tips and tricks we can use to better our profiles. To top it all off, they were so nice in person! Kathi helped me edit my photograph and she’s now my official “Instagram Hero”. By the way, stop by Daily Dose, where they posted an article giving some more tricks!

I thought I was good at Instagram, but turns out I still have a ton to learn! 


After so much fun at the workshops it was already time for lunch and we had an amazing buffet to choose from. I went for the vegan quinoa and spinach, before I fell in love with the mini lemon-tarts in the dessert buffet. 


The talks started right before 3pm. We could choose between two at a time (which I found a bit mean, since I’d go to all of them if I could). The first one I chose was the talk of Klara Fuchs “Lead, create and stand out! Wie du dich von der Masse abhebst.” I found is very inspiring and could totally understand what she was saying and where she was coming from. 

At the end of the talk she said she’d like to take a selfie with everyone and whoever didn’t want to be in the picture should leave the room. Right when she said this the emergency exit lights went on and in a matter of seconds the fire alarm was blaring. We honestly thought it was part of the conference, until we heard a voice say we should evacuate the building. Lets say we saw parts of the Park Hyatt that are usually never seen by guests. At the end it was just a technical issue and we could go back in right away. But lets just say that no one will forget Klara’s talk after this incident!


The next talk I went to was the one from Anna Laura Kummer “Blogtrepeneur: die Weiterentwicklung des eigenen Blogs”. Whilst I found Anna to be very sweet and nice, I found the talk somewhat disappointing. However, I think it’s because the title was a bit misleading, leading me into believing she would talk about various options and she mostly spoke about her online shop. I understand that’s her own personal experience and what she had to say was interesting, it was simply not exactly what I expected.

After the two talks B. and I were very much in need of a break and went for a short coffee and cheesecake. And guys, seriously, it was the best darn cheesecake I’ve ever had!!! We were back in time for the talk of the ladies from Our Clean Journey. Unfortunately I have to say this was the talk that I enjoyed the least. I had the feeling they weren’t really all that inspired and it’s hard to take someone seriously when they don’t even seem to believe what they’re saying. Of course, this could also just have been them being nervous about talking to so many people. It was also the shortest talk at only 20 minutes.


The last Keynote was given by Lisa Banholzer and Tanja Trutschnig from Blogger Bazaar – “Blogger Bazaar Insights: Erfolgsfaktoren zur Blogger-Weltherrschaft” and it was very exciting! They not only gave us tips, they also explained how the whole thing started and other interesting facts. They were also very nice and funny and above all had a very positive outlook of things!

At 8pm the FCVIE Party started, with cocktails and finger food included. I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I have to admit the Ramazzotti cocktails were amazing!


I found the day very exciting! The people were all amazing and it was nice to see old blogging friends and make new contacts. Being in a place with people who love the same thing you do is one of the best feelings ever. Our blogging community is very strong and they’ve supported me a lot when I’m down or am having problems. And of course, it’s also nice to get to meet out favorite bloggers in person too!

Did you ever go to a blogging conference such as FashionCamp Vienna? How did you find it?


5 reasons to love fall

Fall is definitely my favorite season! It’s right before Winter with its snow and Christmas spirit, it’s not as hot as Summer and the fashion options are endless.

In this post I’m sharing 5 of my favorite things about fall! 


1- The FEELING of Fall. Yes, you read right – the feeling. That feeling you get once Fall starts, the color of the trees, the smell of the damp air in the morning, the wind making leaves fly – the list is endless.

2- Pumpkin season!  Although I don’t like Pumpkin Spice Lattes (I tried it, not my jam), I do love pumpkin. Soup (with Kürbiskernöl!), risotto, in curry or even as gnocci – I love being able to cook with pumpkins! My mum makes a killer jam with a special kind of pumpkin too. 


3- Warm drinks. I’m a coffee lover, but I also enjoy my tea. However, whilst I do enjoy my coffee daily even during the warmer months, tea is something I reserve for the colder months. I must confess I’ve made use of my cold to drink as much tea as possible lately.

4- Rainy afternoons. I hate being out in the rain (mostly due to the danger of falling), but I there are little things I like more than being at home, curled under a blanket while it’s pouring outside. And don’t even let me start on rainy nights – the best to sleep!


5- Cozy home-wear. During the colder months, you can find me in cozy sweat pants and fuzzy socks. There’s nothing that warms my heart (and feet) and looks absolutely un-sexy as my owl pajama pants, but I wouldn’t trade them for anything.

What are your favorite things about this time of the year? Are you a PSL fan? I always hear about it, but never met anyone that actually likes it!


A very special gift

When I was in Portugal in the beginning of the year, I also happened to go out for lunch with my aunt D. in Ericeira for some much needed grilled fish. After lunch we decided to take a stroll around the village which, being it was the end of January, was pretty  empty – as seaside towns tend to be during winter. During that walk we checked a couple of shops, mostly just to pass the time.

However, once we stopped at one particular shoe shop, we saw a pair of shoes that even my aunt said were perfect for me! After a couple of minutes of her convincing me to try them on, the thing I was afraid of happened: they fit like a glove and I loved them!

I don’t like trying things on when I know I can’t afford them – in case they fit and I can’t have them.

A few minutes later we left the store with the shoes in a paper bag and my heart full of happiness and gratitude – every gift my favourite aunt gives me is special to me! 


They are black velour leather ballerinas with a bow and a gold embelishment. I thought they were so pretty, so elegant and so feminine. Once I tried them on, they were so comfy – I was very suprised that they fit so good, since usually shoes never fit me that well (at least not those I fall in love with!). 

A beautiful pair of shoes can change your mood with every single step you take!

What surprised me even more was to know they are from a portuguese brand called Raquel Camino and to know they were made in Portugal. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always heard Portugal makes very good quality shoes, but I’d never find any myself. 

The only downside is that they do get dust and hair attached to them – but that is easy to fix with a damp cloth or a very gentle brush. 

One of the things I love the most about them is that they can be worn with a fancy dress to a wedding, a daytime dress for a date or jeans and a blouse to brunch. In other words – they’re as versatile as they come, without losing their charme and feminine touch. 

Do you have a pair of shoes you can wear in any occasion? Share them down with me!