The ABCstar conference

On the 22nd and the 23rd or April the ABCstar conference took place at the Tabakfabrik in Linz. I first saw the tickets in February, when I was home after the surgery. After some thought and a quick word and encouragement from Markus, I was able to get the Early Bird ticket. When the day of the conference came, I must say I was pretty nervous. Not to mention we were moving that Saturday and I had all type of guilty feelings for having fun while the boys were moving our furniture.

How it was and what I thought about it, you can read below!


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Cravings: 10 cute iPhone covers

Recently my phone contract came to an end and you can choose a new phone. Regardless of the fact that I’ve been living in Austria for over two years – yikes, where does time fly to – it also meant I could upgrade my phone. So I did, to the iPhone 6s. And with a new phone, new cases have to come, right? Here are 10 cases I found cute:

I’ve been crushing on marbled cases for months now! H&M has a similar one for 10€! If you’re a coffee lover and addict like me, the Starbucks case will let you bring your frappuccino everywhere! And what about the Moschino cases? They’ve already become legendary and an icon with their cute motives like this adorable bear. Any blogger will want to grab this Chiara Ferragni phone case – including me! It’s so cute and also comes in a ton of colors, like pink and silver. Cherries are your favorite fruit? They’re also a popular pattern along clothes and also cases, such as the last one on the first row!

I personally find it a pity to completely cover my phone, I want it protected, but I also want to show off the beautiful gold color it has. A simple clear case with some motives, such as the first and the third ones from the second row, are the perfect way to keep your phone safe and protected, while showing it off and still looking cute! And if you love pineapples, show it off with the Lilly Pulitzer case! The Kate Spade one in simple colorful stripes also goes with everything. Last, but not least, make a statement with your phone case and remind yourself to be true to who you are! 

Do you also love phone cases as much as I do? Do you change them often or always sport the same one? Share it with a comment!


The Swarovski instawalk

Those of you who follow me on social media know I spent last Friday and Saturday in the Austrian Blogger Conference called ABCstars. It was held in Linz in the most amazing location called TabakfarbikOne of the things organized were instawalks – walks where you take photographs for Instagram. I chose the one with Swarovski and here are my photographs – beware, this is a photo loaded post!

They put figurines and other things in the most unexpected places. I loved the mixture of luxury and the Tabakfabrik, which is pretty rustic and full of things they didn’t have place to put, such as furniture and lockers. The result? Amazing location for amazing photographs!

PS: all of these are unedited and just like I took them. Wanted to show you the raw result.

I took so many photographs and had an amazing experience with Swarovski and Kristallwelten, ABCstars and Igers Linz, who organized this walk. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity of going to places in the Tabakfabrik that you usually don’t get to see. 

I’m preparing a post all about the conference, it should be up next week!