Sunday, 25 May 2014

Rosie Advises: Friendship between men and women?

Do you guys remember way back when, when I told you I was gonna start writing advice posts? Well...I got a ton of e-mails from some of you and never really went on to doing here it is.. Oh, I will keep all of these anonymous, because the majority of you wished so!

Behold, the first question of the advice series!

Can my boyfriend really just be best friends with another woman?

Absolutely! Some of my best friends are guys! "but Rosie, won't that mean he wants to sleep with the woman?" No. Not at all. Take me and my guy H. We're best friends, but don't want to sleep with each other. We joke around about how hot the other one is, but if the opportunity would ever come, we would probably watch it pass, wave at it and go drink another coffee.

The truth is, men and women CAN be friends. And most likely, he'll spend the majority of the time talking about you! It probably doesn't even matter to him that she's a woman and unless she comes in naked, he might not even notice. 

If it does bother you, maybe you should think about why it is bothersome for you. Maybe you're insecure (it's ok, as long as you don't let it control you!), maybe she did something that upset you or maybe there is no real reason. 

But I would advise you to think about it and then talk to your guy about it. In a nice, non accusing way, just let him know about your fears, thoughts and doubts. If he loves you, he'll try to understand, even if at first he doesn't see why you're making such a "big deal" about it. (trust me, to him it will sound like a big deal, that's why you shouldn't get all upset while bringing the subject up.



  1. I have the same problem, my boyfriend has this really obnoxious friend who's a girl...I think she's trying to get him, but he keeps saying they're only friends and that he sees her as a sister because they've known each other forever! I just don't know what to believe anymore...

    1. Well...let me tell you this, sometimes guys don't see when a girl is trying to "get him". Most of the times, they don't. That's the truth...having that said, if he says he sees her as a sister and doesn't have any interest in her (and hasn't given you reasons not to trust him in the past), believe him. But don't (ever!) let your guard down...if you treat him right, he won't want to go to someone else =)


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