Thursday, 29 May 2014

Rosie Advises: Forgotten birthday!

My boyfriend forgot my birthday a couple of weeks ago. I am mad and hurt, but everyone says I'm overreacting! What do you think?'s definitely not nice that he forgot it...but in order to know if you're overreacting or not, I would need to know for how long you've been together..

I'm gonna take the example of my online friend Hunter March (seriously amazing guy, I've talked to him a couple of times on twitter and he's so fun and sweet and nice! Go check him out!), he gives a ton of awesome guy's advice, right? And one thing he constantly says is that guys sometimes are stupid.

Having that said, if this was the first time he forgot your birthday, even though you have all the right to be hurt and mad, you shouldn't let that take control of your relationship. BUT if you guys have been together for ages and he's forgotten like three or four of your birthdays...well...then you should just kick him out the door 'cause that guy ain't worth it!



  1. É inadmissivel que alguém esqueça o teu aniversário! Francamente.....!

    1. Ainda ninguém se esqueceu =D é só na terça!

  2. I agree that it all depends on how long a couple has been together :) I'm at that age that I'd seriously be glad if my husband forgot my birthday haha. Okay, I just made myself sound really old. I'm 25, but ever since my 21st birthday, celebrating is not much fun anymore ;)

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    1. Haha I get that!!! I thought like that as well, but last year when I turned 25 I decided to celebrate it big with all of my friends and then my family at dinner =D It was a great day!


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