Monday, 13 January 2014

Inspirational Monday: be a little kinder!

Hey hey everyone!

Today on Inspirational Monday I chose not only a cute picture, but also something I feel everyone should do a bit more! 

Also, it's a quote from one of my favorite writers, the writer of Peter Pan!

I feel especially nowadays people aren't nice least not as nice as they could be!

Sometimes we're not as nice as we could be because we're having a bad day, but we should all stop a bit and try to see that others don't deserve our bad mood... My grandmother even in the middle of a fight with her husband, if someone knocked at the door, she would put on a smile and be always nice to whoever was knocking, because as she would put it "it's not their fault I'm having a fight!". 

Try being a bit it if you're having a bad day or just me, you'll feel better if you're nice to someone and you know you made someone feel a bit more special by giving them a bit of your kindness!

I wish you all a great week!



  1. great post dear !!! Very true :) xx

    1. Thank you =) I'm glad you liked it!


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