Sunday, 2 June 2013

We have moved!

For some time I've been doing something that now I can finally tell you all about!! 

That's right, we're moving!!! For quite some time I've been pondering if I should or not change from Blogger to Wordpress and in the end I decided it is the best decision. 

After 2 years of blogging I've decided to move the blog. We're no longer going to post on this address, but the blog is still going live and strong in our new address!

If you wish to continue reading the blog, then please go check it out here:


  1. hehe so funny, I was also thinking about moving to wordpress and in the end I decided against it because I wasn't really taken by (the free version). It was a hard decission and maybe in the future I will move - if Google annoys me more than it already does. But for now I'm sticking to Blogger as I think it offers a lot more for free.

    Your Wordpress blog looks very good and a lot more together, if there's such expression for blogs.

    Good luck, will pass by from time to time!
    x Irene

  2. Interesting, Wordpress blog looks OK. Great weekend.

  3. good luck for the new blog !!!

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  4. hola precioso post me gusta mucho tu blog es precioso. me aria muchisima ilusion te pasaras por mi blog si te gusta y kieres podemos seguirnos mutuamente besitos.

  5. :)good luck in the new blog :)


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