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XVIII Gala dos Globos de Ouro - my favorites!

 Today I'm going to talk about the Golden Globes outfits I most liked or disliked.. I saw all of these in person and therefore have another perspective than the one you will get only from the pictures..I hope you all like it!

Inês Castelo Branco wore this gorgeous white dress! I love love love it! It's a satin finish and looked amazing in person! It made her look extremely classy and elegant...I just don't think that clutch looks good there...I would have gone more for something...less skully..

Victoria Guerra, who won the award for "Melhor Revelação" (and her face was priceless, because she really wasn't expecting it!) wore a beautiful flowery dress...yes, those are supposed to be a kind of flower design. I love the dress and think it suits her. It's elegant without risking too much and the clutch gives it a pop of color (I would have chosen another color, just because of her lipstick!) and the hair and make-up is amazing!

Diana Chaves wore a very simple and elegant dress (that really reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence's dress) and her hair looked really cool!!! I think she looked the part and didn't overdo it. All in all I just love her dress!

Carolina Patrocínio...well, I love her dress...hate her personality..let me explain! Apparently she's some kind of socialite here in Portugal who started out on a type of "Disney kids show" thing here (I had to do my research because I had no idea who she was) and comes from the typical rich "Cascais family" (Cascais is known for being the home of the rich and wealthy near Lisbon). The thing is, she's really rude!!! I asked her if I could take a picture with her because I loved her dress and she looked at me up and down and said "You can see it in the media after"...I was just so shocked that someone would actually say that at an event like this! It was such a shame, because she's such a beautiful girl who, to me, just turned ugly due to her personality!

Anyways, to the dress...I love it, it sparkles (so of course I'm going to love it, right?) but it does reveal a bit too much, because the back is all open, except for a pear string that hold the dress together...and personally I think she's too skinny for the dress..I mean..I could see her spine..and her boobs did not look good in the dress when seen in person...but the dress itself? Gorgeous!

Ana Moura (this picture taken from her performance of "Desfado") looked and sounded amazing!!!! I mean...just her voice will wow you! But her dress...sparkes (again, I love it) and the color really suits her! I think it's a lovely dress that looked great on her!

Lili Caneças is another socialite from Portugal...I asked around but no one could tell me what she does (if she's an actress of such) and everyone basically told me she married some rich guy and became famous over it. I just know she's a lovely lady, we sat right behind her and she kept smiling at me! Funny thing, when me and the Mr went to see Les Miserables on the cinema (which I still have to write about!) when I went to the bathroom after the movie two ladies were talking about it and having a debate about if in the book the character of Fantine dies or not. One lady was saying she didn't die and this lady (whom I didn't know was Lili Caneças) said she did and me (being the person I am) got into the conversation and told them that yes, she dies. And we talked for about 5min until I remembered my poor boyfriend was waiting for me outside. Just like idea who she was..and then in the Golden Globes I was like "I know that woman!!".

Onto her dress..again, I saw it in person..and I don't think it looked all that's a lovely dress, but I just think she could have chosen something that suited her body shape and age a bit more...I'm not saying she's old or so...just that she's not the youngest and that's a dress a 20-year-old would wear...But I loved her earrings that looked very much like mine (but were probably real diamonds =P)

Aurea is a portuguese soul singer who actually performed her single Scratch my back  and honestly...the dress she wore to the performance was way better!!! I don't understand why she didn't just wear that all night (like Ana Moura did), but when she came back to her seat (right in front of me) she was already wearing this right BCBG dress...that is cute...and looks good..but has been seen everywhere and just...doesn't really do her any justice..

Julia Pinheiro is some kind of TV-Host...I guess her program is like an old-lady program (that old ladies watch)..many criticized her dress but I personally love it!! I almost chose a similar dress to wear, but then went with the blue one instead. I do think this dress is a tad bit too young for her, but she can take it!! It was a very bright pink in person!! 

Dulce Félix, who won the best female sports awards (she's a runner!), just did not know how to choose her dress... Not the dress itself, it looked amazing, but the was such a bright still hurts my eyes just remembering..and I think it looked a bit on the cheap side..I don't know if it was the color...but that's what I thought..

Joana Santos is an actress who plays one of the lead characters in a very popular soap opera. I could go ask my Mum all about it..but lets not! 

I just don't think her dress is even the slightest bit appropriate!! It sparkles...but it's just not gala material..which I'm really sad, she didn't even put on some heels..even I wore heels!!! Just looks like she didn't even try to look good..

Last but not least, Mr José Castelo Branco and his wife Lady Betty! He's some kind of socialite as well who lives for the show..apparently when the cameras are on he's all this big character, very out there, very shocking and crazy...I mean, the guy's wearing heels, and that's something you don't see every day in Portugal..

Having that said..I LOVED HIS HEELS!!!! During the break I was sitting talking to my Mr and he was like "Mr Castelo Branco is behind you" and I answered "Yeah I know, he's on that row, we saw him, he has a cool hat!" and my Mr "No, he's behind you." to which I answered "I know, I saw him...not gonna be looking like a maniac, he's not a zoo animal!". Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and someone very politely saying "Excuse me, can I pass?" and when I look up there was Mr Castelo Branco behind me...when my Mr told me he was behind me I did not realize he meant behind me! So I stood up, said sorry and let him pass...he was extremely nice and polite..and when he passed...I saw those shoes!!! I said, rather loudly actually, "OMG David (that's my Mr's name for those wondering) look at those SHOES!!!" and he was trying to tell me to talk lower and I continued "They're so COOL!!! I wish I knew how to walk in heels like that!!" and yeah..Mr Castelo Branco heard me alright..and he looked back, winked his eye and smiled at me. Awesome!!

These were my favorite dresses (and shoes) from the Golden Globes! I hope you all like it!!


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  1. The first one looks like a greek princess! So beautiful!



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