Tuesday, 21 May 2013

It's a Golden Globe kinda outfit!

This week was definitely crazy! I had work, assignments to give, tests to make and when all was done and I thought I could relax, the weekend of my Graduation came!!! Yes, that's right, I graduated this saturday!!! (technically I still have classes until end of the month and tests next month, but the ceremony was now) But that's not what I'm writing about today!

I was given the opportunity, by not only a colleague of mine but also a very dear friend, to attend the portuguese Golden Globes!!! I was so so happy, because I've always wanted to feel like a princess, so when she asked me if I wanted to, I immediately said yes...but then I was so scared...what would I wear??? How would I do my make-up? Well, answering the first question you can see this picture:

Taken at 4am when we got home from the party!
Being a student means I have a very tight budget and splurging on a dress just didn't seem right...but I was blessed enough to have an aunt who helped me and basically gave me half the money to buy the dress! Me and the Mr. went looking for dresses and had found the perfect one and immediately went back to the store once I had the money! This is my amazing dress: 

For my hair I decided to do two small braids, pin them at the back of my head and curl the rest of the hair. I thought the curls wouldn't last but I found the most amazing hair spray for just about 4€ (review coming soon!)

Don't really know what I was doing....talking to the cat maybe? =P
Can you see how happy I was? These were taken right before we left the house to go to dinner before the event. Yep, we went all fancy dressed up to the American Diner in Lisbon!!

Oh, and of course the Mr went with me and since this is an important post, he'll (hopefully) be happy to make an appearance!! Doesn't he look dashing? I think I fell in love all over again just by seeing him all dressed up...I sure have a good looking boyfriend!

I will review the gowns I loved the most from the event, and the one's I didn't like so much! But that's gonna be on a different post!!

Thank you to all my friends who shared my excitement! A special hug to my friend S. who gave me the opportunity to go to this event and made one of my dreams come true!!

Have an amazing week guys! And come back for more about the Golden Globes Portugal!


  1. You look amazing! And so does your boyfriend! Did you have fun?


    1. Thank you Nora!! Yes, we had a lot of fun =D

  2. Wow you look like royalty! You are gorgeous and have such a sweet personality, I would love to be your friend! Your boyfriend is indeed very handsome ;)


    1. Aww thank you, that's really sweet of you =)

  3. Wow, amazing! And lovely dress!~

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